Monday, May 10, 2021

Legacies III Virtual Calligraphy Conference

 I hope you are all having a beautiful May so far. Here in Ontario, the weather is still a bit unstable. It can be rainy and quite cold followed by beautiful warmth. I just take each day as it comes and I am grateful for the hidden joys that I can find. Wherever you are in the world and whatever your situation, I am sending hugs and strength your way. I know this time continues to be challenging for so many of us. You really are in my thoughts and I know that we will get through this. As I continue to work from home I have been preparing for more online courses. Please email me at if you would like my teaching schedule. I continue to work one on one with private students but I have also been teaching larger classes through Zoom. The Legacies Virtual Calligraphy conference is up and running and I have two one day courses listed. I will be offering Victorian Frames and Labels and The Glittering Vine. Both of these courses are focused on letting me dive deeply in to subject specific areas for the duration of the course. If you took my Notes for the New Year class through the European Pointed Pen Collective you will see a familiar thread in The Victorian Frames and Labels course as I focus on the pen etching technique.  However, as I have continued to study Victorian scraps I am able to take these frames and labels to a different level. I will have fun letting my inner Victorian have full reign in this class. I think what is most fun for me in both of these courses is that we can concentrate on pure decoration and ignore lettering for a little while. I know that might sound scandalous, but sometimes you might not have anything at all to say. Decorative flourishing always saves the day when words can't be found. 
The Glittering Vine combines my love of illuminated manuscripts with a softer palette of colours. I am hoping that those who have been nervous about gilding will find that it is much easier to use than they might have thought.

It adds a shine and brilliance to your work and is a great way to elevate your skills. Once again, the inner Victorian in me will be at work but there is definitely a Medieval and Renaissance feel in these borders.

When I do these special focus courses, I hope that the students can complete a project in class that does not require any lettering. When they leave the class and work with the handouts, my hope is that the skills acquired can augment any lettering style that they choose.  Both of these courses are peaceful and relaxing and I hope theywill bring you a sense of joy and accomplishment. I know that many of you have taken so many courses and might be taking a pause from online content. I totally understand! Do what is best for you in these strange times. From here in Ontario, in another lockdown, I want to encourage you all to continue to do what you love and what brings you joy! Continue to believe that better times are coming and we are one day closer to getting through this. Thank you all for your friendship and support. It means so much to me. I hope to see you in person soon!

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