Thursday, August 1, 2019

August Already!!!!

Why does the summer fly by so quickly???? I am loving being home for a few weeks before starting up my final travels for fall. I am catching up on commission work as well as doing new exemplars for my Festive Flourish class.  I can share a peek at a commission I just completed.
I have a few more illuminated initials to do and will share them when they are completed. I enjoyed flourishing this butterfly piece which was donated to the IAMPETH silent auction.

 IAMPETH was a wonderful experience. The highlight of the conference for me was taking a class with Randall Hasson. We explored lettering from the 20's and 30's which included using Speedball A, B, and D nibs. Of course I had these treasures in my collection but I left the class with a real appreciation for what these versatile nibs could do. Randall is a wonderful teacher! I would jump at an opportunity to study with him again in the future.

 Once I got home I spent time researching these nibs as well as the styles of lettering from the 20's and 30's.  It will be nice to see where this leads. I will end the blog post with a few shots from my garden. The day after I returned from IAMPETH I put on gardening gloves and tackled the weeds. I enjoyed every minute of it! Great to be home. Great to enjoy the splendor of nature, even if it includes weeds.

The yellow rose was taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens. If you are ever able to visit there, I highly recommend it. What a gorgeous botanical garden. The monarch butterfly photo was taken in my Mom and Dad's garden.