Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The page of the calendar is turned to May today!!!! May will carry me to Atlanta, Georgia for my presentation of The Enchanted Meadow workshop! I love teaching this class. It is part of my heart and soul and I get so excited at the thought of teaching it. At the core of the class, beyond painting skills and learning how to construct intricate acanthus patterns, is the instruction about slowing down to observe the moment. Be here now. Be mindful of the time that passes each day. Observe your surroundings as you walk in nature. Look everywhere. Let nature be your teacher. This time of year is so exciting as Spring hopefully starts to wake up the earth. Yesterday I saw my first butterfly in the backyard!As artists, observation is as important as painting, drawing or writing skills. We must be able to look deeply at a subject and take in all that is has to teach us. Looking foward to sharing many newly awakened insights with my Atlanta class.
  My latest Enchanted Meadow project was an illuminated inital for my Dad's 80th birthday.
The owl took hours of dry brush work, but the process was so peaceful and meditative that the hours flew by.
I also had the opportunity to take another illumination class with Debbie Thompson Wilson. We worked on birds from the Sherborne Missal.  My study was the female sparrow.
I plan to do a few more studies from that Missal as well as paint more of the birds that are visiting our feeders this spring! Happy observing. Enjoy each moment.