Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Sweet Hope for 2020

It's always exciting to turn a fresh page and begin a new year. The words that kept circulating in my mind on December 31st were Sweet Hope. I filled the flouirsh with all of my best wishes for the upcoming year. I hope there is is joy, health, happiness, love and hope in the coming days. Thank you for all of the messages that you have sent through email as you connect with me. I am glad that the blog gets read and that you find encouragement and inspiration from the posts.
This year expect lots of flourishing posts as well as some insights from beloved books on my shelf. I will keep the blog updated with workshop posts and projects I am working on. Here is a sneak peek of my Alphabet Garden workshop handouts so far. So many pages of artwork to create and I love the research part of every workshop. 

I hope to keep the content of The Alphabet Garden very lighthearted and whimsical. Buidling on concepts for the class I tried a more gothic style of initial. 
Finally,  I want to show you the first page of my agenda for the year.

 For the past several years, I have repeatedly bought the same style of daily planner. A large Moleskine week at a glance planner. The Plaisir fountain pen came to me in 2015 from a dear friend and it has been a daily staple in my planner. For some reason, I feel happier with the notes and tasks written in a bright cheery pink. Tasks seem less daunting somehow.  I hope as you begin this new year, you find some little treasure to spoil yourself with that brings you joy as you face the upcoming agenda! I am only an email away if you need to chat or just want to send a note. Happy January 1st. May you flourish this year!