Sunday, March 10, 2019

Enchanting March

The calendar has changed to March and that always means an increase in activity for me. My travel schedule launches this week and doesn't let up until November. I am used to this by now but it still catches me by surprise. My desk is overflowing with work. I am happy to be so busy, but still trying to find time to study some new techniques. I never stop being curious no matter how much "real work" I have to do.
 The images in this post will be shared in upcoming workshops. I have been busy revising my workshop handouts as some techniques have changed and I keep coming up with new ideas.
The redwork Enchanted Letter D is reminiscent of my days as an embroiderer. I used to do a lot of redwork designs and wanted to create a fairly simple initial in one colour. I put a light wash of Interference red watercolour over the pen flourished butterfly. Sometimes it is nice to keep your colour palette very simple.
The Enchanted Letter B uses all of my usual techniques. I was testing Caran D"Ache Museum Aquarelles in this piece and really love the vibrant colours. 
The Enchanted Meadow bird was a little exploration in a slightly different painting technique. I will continue to explore the technique and refine it further. Hope March brings you sunshine and flowers! Here in Canada, the snow is melting and Spring must be getting ready to visit.