Friday, September 23, 2022

Symbiosis II

 Sitting at my desk on a day that really feels like autumn. Tea at the swing still happened but with a jacket and a chill in the air. I woke up this morning and prepared for the launch of the Symbiosis II Mentoring Journey exhibit. Please take some time to read about the initiative and see the incredible works of art that have been produced. Each person involved has a story. They are unique people with their own vision and such precious gifts to share. I feel blessed to have been able to mentor for these past months. I have definitely learned lessons along the way and the lessons can be passed on in the future. I do a lot of teaching and it is such a blessing when the teaching rejuvenates and energizes. There are so many ideas rambling around in my head waiting to come out on paper. The journey goes on. It was wonderful to work toward an exhibit with a set date in mind and although that date has come, I am reminded that there are so many next steps to take. I think if I ever feel as if I have arrived at my destination, I will pack up my pens and put my paints away. There is always something to explore, learn, research and try. I don't think I will time to ever be bored as I continue along this path. The Symbiosis II platform has lots of events that you can watch free of charge. I will be doing a pointed pen etching demonstration next week. The info is all on the website. You will also be able to meet the mentors and mentees and hear about their own personal journeys. I find the whole process to be fascinating and inspiring and hope you will enjoy the events as well.

If you are already thinking of Holiday Projects, you can join the presentation of Lettering for Holiday Projects free of charge. I will be presenting Victoria's Valentine in a style that is true to my heart and a delight to share. The details are all on the website. I am always so grateful for your support in my classes. The free presentations are my way of saying thank you and hoping you will find joy as you put pen or brush to paper. I feel your companionship on this journey. I love each note and email that comes to me. I love to see your work. I believe that the peace and joy that can be found in this type of work can make in difference in our own lives and the lives of others. Keep playing and keep taking steps on your own personal journey. Hugs all around. 

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