Sunday, August 15, 2021

Upcoming Workshops

 I can't believe it is already the 15th of August. Time really does fly by. I hope you are all enjoying these August days. I am working hard on my upcoming classes but I take a tea break in the garden every day to enjoy the sights and sounds! Cherish the wonder of each day.

I promised to update my blog with the next few classes that are coming up. Over the weekend of September 4th and 5th, I will be teaching my Italian Hand class called The Poetic Pen, through Acorn Arts  Classes online. Italian Hand has transformed my thinking and my writing over the past several years. The Poetic Pen class is the result of original research as well as consulting with my friend and historian Don Marsh. The way I approach the hand is through looking at history and then finding a way to merge the nuances and joy of the hand with my own pace and style of of writing. There is a magic that happens when you interrupt what you think should happen with a written script with the delights that are embedded in historical forms. No matter what your skill level is, Italian Hand has something to offer you. It really is a transformative hand filled with joy and whimsical touches.

October will be a very full month for me as I teach my Holiday edition of The Dancing Line for The Gentle Penman. The Dancing Line will expand on the basics I taught in the Artful Flourish but will work on really refining your strokes, developing your eye and expanding your ideas for flourishing. It will have a component for birds and scrolls but I will go beyond that into Holiday themes.

Finally, in October and November, I will be teaching two courses for Ardington School online. These classes will be kept very small and allow time to work on the projects and get feedback. Ardington School does a wonderful job of hosting the classes and making the small groups of students feel comfortable in the Zoom sessions. I have really appreciated their approach for classes.  I will be teaching a  Fall themed flourishing course called Fascinating Flourishes. It will be an introduction to offhand flourishing inspired by the sights and sounds of the Autumn season. I am looking forward to this small group of students and being able to work closely with them.

November's class through Ardington School will be The Luminous Letter. This class takes the theme of my Alphabet Garden class but interprets it though a more wintery or holiday theme. Because the class will be kept very small, I will be able to expand the letter design beyond the florals and include a bird or animal. If you are new to gilding and painting, this class will get you started on that wonderful journey. 

I am convinced that letter design is one of the keys to expanding the calligrapher's skill set. Beyond pen and ink, we learn gilding and painting techniques that can be studied for years to come. Even if you don't think you can draw, letter design is accessible for all skill levels and is a wonderful way to explore the design process and unleash your imagination. I am so excited about all of these course offerings. The online format has been such a wonderful way for me to reach students that I could never see with in person travel.  The classes are more budget friendly than my private course offerings and I am always so happy to hear from my students and see how they are progressing. If you have had your fill of online courses and want to just study and play on your own this fall,  I will be cheering that on as well. You will know the path you should take and I hope to see what you produce. Thank you for all of the kind emails and messages. Enjoy the rest of August dear friends. Hugs all around!

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