Friday, April 16, 2021

H is For Hope

 Sending hugs out to my fellow Ontario friends. It seems we keep watching things get worse. Let's hang on to Hope a little longer. We can get through this!! I am grateful right now for a quiet studio and I am keeping myself busy as I work on the 10th Anniversary edition of the Enchanted Letter which will be presented in May through The Gentle Penman. If you want to try your hand at this skill it really is a joyful journey!

If you have taken any of my courses in the past, one of the key I areas I like to share with my students is the peaceful and engaging process of creating any art work. The ability to shut out the outside world and truly get lost in the creative details is such a gift. From the soft sounds that the pencil creates on the paper to the intricate details of adding gold leaf, the act of really engaging with your work brings a sense of calm and peace. This seems more important now than ever!
When I take time to work on the ink etched designs, that same sense of peace engulfs the entire process. By using only one colour I eliminate some of the complex choices that I face in each piece of work. Something as simple as this can help break down creative barriers when you work at your desk. Indulging my inner Victorian brings joy as well. I have found myself using a lot of blue colours lately. This piece was etched with Indigo blue.
Right now, I am so grateful that I have been able to stay connected to friends, family and students through the computer. I have never been a fan of screens but I recognize just how much they have helped keep me at work these past months. I am grateful for those of you who have sent me emails, photos of garden flowers and notes in the mail. Hang on to Hope dear friends. Find joy with pen, ink, pencil and paint. Create your works of art and engage in the process. Love to you all! We will get through this!

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