Monday, February 22, 2021

The Reason for Flowers

 This morning I am sitting in my studio and watching another batch of snow fall into the yard. I am warm and quiet at my desk just wanted to send out a few thoughts. One of the books I dusted off from my library shelf this month is The Reason For Flowers by Stephen Buchmann. It is a fascinating read, going far beyond the beauty of flowers into their many uses and just how deeply important they are to our world. As a florist, I was always aware of their uncanny ability to lift spirits at a glance and have a calming presence. As I continue to work on my Spring Symphony notes I found myself buying flowers a little more often than usual.

Even one or two stems nearby just brighten the room and rejuvenate my focus. I never fail to be in awe of them and appreciate the joy they bring. Things are so strange in this pandemic world right now, but if you have a way of getting some blooms into your house, I would encourage it as some self care. If not, I think even looking at pictures of flowers can be soothing! Thank you to all of you dear friends who send me photos of flowers that are blooming. They have been a delight. My course notes for Spring Symphony are just about completed and there will definitely be an emphasis on florals as I present the course. 

The registration info is available at That being said, I want to continue to emphasize that I realize there is an absolute abundance of courses available online and it can be overwhelming. I find myself wanting to sign up for many things as well but realize that practice and studying on my own is also so valuable. Even though our lives have been disrupted from what we normally do, the concept of time remains the same.  I hope whatever decisions you are making about courses, that you are finding time to practice the techniques you enjoy doing and explore the possibilities with those techniques. 
Finally, I want to thank you all for continuing to post your beautiful work from Notes for the New Year and Works of Heart. I am so thankful for the European Pointed Pen Collective and The Gentle Penman for hosting the courses for me. They do the administration work behind the scenes so I can do the work of getting ready to teach. More soon in my March post dear friends. Sending hugs all around. 

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