Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sounds of December

 This morning my walk to the post office was especially quiet and mindful. There was a little bit of slushy snow on the road and the tree branches were white and fluffy.  Each season brings different bird songs in the yard but this morning I couldn't hear the delightful chickadee or the nuthatch. The feeders were all empty so I took some time to fill them. The snow came before we had a chance to heat the birdbath so it was frozen solid. As soon as I filled the feeders and placed some peanuts around the yard I heard fluttering wings and could see the pine branches start to bounce. I noticed a large crow in the branches. His beak was dusted with snow and he was so majestic against the branches. 

 I watched other birds and squirrels for a few minutes this morning. St Francis looks like he is wearing a winter cape and hat.

 Nature is filled with wonder and awe. I feel blessed to be able to pause and acknowledge December. This has been a year like no other we have ever known and has brought such challenges. In times like this, I welcome the pause, the time to notice and the time to reflect. Wherever you are this first day of December,I hope there is something nearby that can bring you a moment of pause and joy. Sending December hugs!

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