Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Magic of March

I am so looking forward to spring. I couldn't resist planting some pansies on my studio desk and I am enjoying watching this emergent stage. Appreciate the little things...even slow beginnings. That seems to be the underlying wisdom and magic of March. As soon as I turn the calendar to March, I expect greenery and flowers but it will not be rushed.
Spring cleaning is just starting in my house and studio. I have just completed the IAMPETH 2020 workshop notes for The Alphabet Garden. Now I am working on the expanded handouts for my private students and guild workshops. It has been so good to study and glean from various sources. 
My style and technique continues to evolve as I work on this material but just below the surface of all the work that I do is a deep love of nature. It spills into all of my flourishes and painting. I just want to share the beauty and joy that it brings me. 
I am constantly reminded that the driving force of this work is really passion. Sometimes, inspiration is hiding and not easily found. Sometimes, we fail as we work on our projects or practice pages. Sometimes, deadlines feel like pure stress. Sometimes, we meet sadness on this journey that makes working difficult. Sometimes, it seems like I discard more work than I keep. So why do I keep showing up at my studio desk? I think the bottom line for me is that after all of these years with pen and brush, I remain intrigued. There is the desire to continue to learn. That desire has never diminished.
My encouragement to you this month is revisit the things you are passionate about. If you love practicing Spencerian in pencil, then practice in pencil. If you love drawing flowers, then draw flowers. If you love looking at books, then pull out an old favourite and go over the material again. My dear friend Brian Walker would constantly remind me that this was all "grist for the mill". Refresh yourselves in the things you are passionate about. Go slowly..and enjoy. 

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