Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Studio in September

It already feels like fall here in Ontario, Canada. A drive through Cambridge yesterday showed lots of  maple trees showing their early autumn splendour. It is a gorgeous time of year although I always difficulty as the last of the summer blooms in the garden start to fade. This year, the morning glories were really late to bloom as our friendly neighbourhood group of bunnies must have thought the seedlings were delicious. But the bunnies are so cute, we forgave them instantly.

I thought I would show you a few shots around the studio today. The best morning light hits my studio window around 8:30 AM these days and starts my solar power rainbow maker. I love to see the  light dancing around the room and the sound that it makes is very gentle and peaceful. It is one of my favourite parts of the day.

My view from my desk is my meditation garden, the bird feeders and the bird bath. I continue to work in silence for the most part with the windows open so I can hear the birds. Sometimes the backyard is a bit too inviting and I take a break on the garden swing with a book. I restock the feeders with peanuts and the bluejays and squirrels are in the garden to entertain me within a few minutes. It's amazing how energized I get through the quiet and calm of the garden. I am always so thankful for this oasis.

 I believe I mentioned in a previous post how influential Randall Hasson's class at IAMPETH was for me. He really opened my eyes to so many possibilities and I have been in research mode ever since.  It's amazing when a one day class can have such a long lasting impact.
 Research for me is a winding road. I go off as many bunny trails as I can find and then a lightbulb just goes on for me. My path lately has taken me deep into Medieval Manuscript study, Typography of the 20's and 30's, Vintage Lettering styles and Art Nouveau influences. All roads for me eventually lead back to the Victorian Era and I am taking a fresh look at some very old things! It has been a wonderful summer journey and it will likely stretch way into the New Year and longer. I can't wait to show you some of the things I am diving into as I get ready to launch some new classes. Right now I will give you a peek at some Victorian style Versal Letters I have been working on.

Last July, my dear friend Brian Walker passed away. I have missed him so much but his influence over my thinking process remains. He always told me to study as much as I practice. Those words have really become my mantra as I teach others. Study is never wasting time. It is helping to inform your practice as well as kick starting the inspiration process. My words of advice in this post would be that if you feel a bit stuck in your work or your practice time seems like it has hit a plateau, change gears and take some time to study. Look at things that inspire you, read something that brings you joy, take a walk and study nature, observe your surroundings and breathe the air of the new season you are in. Don't fight against that plateau, just change your perspective about it and see what happens as a result.

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