Monday, April 8, 2019

The Magic of April

I love Spring. Every day is a new beginning. Every day offers a new sight and the songs of the birds are back in full swing! This is my favourite time of year. It doesn't matter how rainy it is, how dreary the skies can be or how soggy the ground is....Spring is here. Blossoms will come, the leaves will return to the trees and the longer days of sunshine are coming back. As I continue to work in my studio on more projects than I can list at the moment, I try to savour the small things that I see around me. Even the beauty of the new growth that is emerging from tulip bulbs or the rose bush causes me to stop and just enjoy. Seasons of life go flying by at an ever-increasing speed it seems. Slow down and just observe the beauty that is around you! Wherever you may be on your artistic or calligraphic journey, don't rush. You are right where you should be, enjoy the journey at every stage and in every season.

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