Friday, June 30, 2017

What Happened To June?

This month has been a blink! Hope has been my word of the month as I try to stay positive about reaching elusive deadlines.
I have had a few weeks off from travel and I am so busy getting work ready for the next round of teaching.  I head to IAMPETH in 10 days which begins my teaching schedule for the summer and fall. I feel like time is the enemy, ticking away each day at an ever increasing pace! I get up early each morning, walk around my garden briefly and then work until dark. I know that life is out of balance at the moment but this is just the current pace that I am working with. In the midst of the busyness, I make sure to enjoy the gifts of the season. To listen to the sound of birds and watch the flowers bloom is an incredible gift. I don't take it for granted.
 I am currently working on new portfolio pieces, teaching pieces and silent auction pieces as the clock continues to tick. Out of necessity I have made some major material changes. I have had to switch to Ziller Buffalo Brown acrylic ink as it does not alter with air travel. It is reliable down to the last drop. The problem is that it is heavier in body than my beloved McCaffery brown ink.
I thin it slightly and use an even lighter touch. I hope to get used to using it. I do love the colour when I want subdued Victorian effects. Old World Iron Gall Ink has become my favourite for work that will be reproduced.  It thickens up with exposure to air but is easily thinned with water. Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper has been substitued for Fabriano Artistico for work for reproduction. Too many issues with the new Fabriano paper and until they get it resolved, the Strathmore is behaving much more predictably. Finally, Stonehenge Aqua 140LB Hot Press Paper is my new favourite for coloured pencil work, Gilding and Watercolour work.
You can request a free sample at Legion Papers. It has withstood a lot of testing and even dry brush watercolour work is promising on this paper. That's it for now!!! Hoping to post more in July if I can win the battle of the clock.

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