Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Life of A Journal

I know I have shared about my passion for keeping journals. I have them everywhere. If there is ever a worldwide shortage of journals, just open one of my studio cupboards. They are there in row upon row. Every size and binding colour! But inside, there is a common element...the grid squares.
 After all of these years of calligraphy, I still can't draw a straight line! The gridded squares really help with the planning.

They keep me centred and give me some reasonable lines to work with. As I flip through the pages of journals on the go and journals retired, I can see pencil record of my progress. I can watch skills evolve. The pages are personal. Often recorded in airports during long layovers. They are portable peace. Sometimes I add a hint of colour but most pages are just pencil. If you haven't already started a journal of your sketch ideas, thoughts or projects, I can't recommend it highly enough. Keep pencil, eraser and journal handy to capture inspiration or to process your ideas. See if it transforms your work. As you flip back through the pages  you record, watch your work evolve and be encouraged by the changes you see. The Leuchtturm 1917 is still my favourite journal to work in. The pages are a bit heavier than Moleskine and the grid lines are not intrusive.


Anonymous said...

I will give the grid a try now. I prefer unruled journals but own several gridded. Thanks.

Heather Victoria Held said...

See what happens for you on the gridded journal. I have a few blank journals but the gridded seem more welcoming to me.