Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Flourish

This month I have been so busy getting ready for my online class through Acorn Arts Classroom. I will be  teaching Festive Offhand Flourishing techniques and I am looking forward to sharing all that I know with the group of students who have registered for the course.

Info is online if you have the time or the inclination to take the class. I would love to meet you there. As I have been busy preparing the course notes as well as lecturing at the Atlanta Friends of The Alphabet Guild I have been reminded about the importance of the flourish. The word flourish has many meanings. One of its meanings is "to bloom." I have found that the key to my passion for the pointed pen has been from my roots in offhand flourishing.

I love scripts and calligraphic hands as well as the process of developing skills in penmanship. But offhand flourishing is free. It builds skills and confidence rapidly.  It allows you to have a mistake on the page, and then just move on from it. Because of its "detachment" from being forced into a particular letter shape, it is more of a direct process of thinking on paper. There is definitely a meditative quality to it where you will begin to "think without thinking." As you practice these simple strokes, your skills will definitely bloom.

 Although I find it difficult to put into words, I always find myself feeling refreshed and at peace when I take time to play with the pointed pen. 2020 has been such a stressful year for so many of us. We need to find more peaceful pursuits and engage in things that generate this state of well being.Whether you draw with a pencil, knit, paint, sculpt or put puzzles together, I encourage you to dive into the things you are passionate about and bring you peace. Find that feeling of well being!  Sending you all hugs around the world!!!

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