Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Magic of Mail

This past holiday season, I was overwhelmed with so many cards coming from all over the world.
I wrote back to the best of my ability. Some addresses were really tricky but I did my best to write back. National Handwriting Day is coming up and I will post some thoughts about handwriting later this month.
I don't find nearly as much time to write these days, but whenever I am permitted the luxury, I love to correspond. The letters that came to me this season were savoured. I waited until I had the time to open them and enjoy the words on the page. I sat with a cup of tea and read your notes and it felt like I was visiting with you!
Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for writing.
This post is just to let my readers know that I appreciate every note that is sent to me. I love hearing from you and watching how your lettering is progressing.
We have such a wonderful art form that can span the miles in a very tangible way. If you find time this month, why not surprise someone with a letter?

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