Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meditation Garden Has Begun

This summer's project was to begin a meditation garden.
Eventually, I want most of the back yard to be a bit of a walking path around garden beds.
I normally start my day with a walk around the neighbourhood but have found that I stop at a Meditation Garden at a local church for most of my morning solitude. It was time to start something in the back yard.
We plotted a path with a rope and kept changing the shape until we found one we were happy with. Then I dug the trench for the little border edging. That was a huge job!!! Chris created barriers with masonite board and then we poured cement into the trench. Again, a huge job and it was hot work. But I found I really enjoyed shaping the cement. It had turned out to be a little running path for our chipmunks! They love it.
This is just the beginning and it looks incredibly sparse at the moment. But the hydrangeas will grow and so will the butterfly bush. I will get some more ground covers as well. Right now there is a prostrate rosemary and flowering thyme plant that will start to fill in.
Icicle pansies have just been planted to bloom until winter and then come up again in the spring. It's a great start! It's made the riding lawn mower a bit of a trick for Chris on Saturdays! And I am trying to talk Chris into a water feature or small pond in the yard. All of my little projects seem to grow exponentially! But the garden has been a wonderful sanctuary for me and it does help inspire me with my art work.

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