Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Awakenings

A is for April.... It's been a strange month here in Canada. After an unusually warm winter we were hit with a cold, icy and snowy spring. But slowly the garden is awakening.
The buds are forming on the weeping pea tree and the pear and apple trees are springing to life.
Signs of spring are everywhere. Spring is my season. Every thing wakes up!
The doldrums of winter begin to receed as the birds come back to the yard and the days get longer. I love this season. Lots of new things on the horizon for me. I will be shifting some of my responsibilites very soon to make way for new studies and pursuits. The more I paint the natural world and combine that with my calligraphic art, the more I realize that is the path that I want to follow for this next phase of my life. The winter season always seems to dull my senses and things begin to come into perspective for me in the spring! My outdoor studio was ready and waiting for me when I returned from my teaching trip to Albuquerque. While I was busy with the Victorian Pen class, my husband was busy preparing my outdoor space.
Just the thought that it is ready for me to start working makes me so eager for new projects!! I just have to wait for the weather to warm up a little! Wherever you find that sacred space, I hope spring brings you new revelations and starts to awaken new projects within! Enjoy the sunshine, watch the birds, be grateful for the space and time that you have and begin to create!

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