Friday, March 25, 2016

The Race of Time

Diving into different forms of studies to help augment my calligraphic work has been an eye opening experience. There are so many layers to peel back and discover. Whether I am studying a butterfly specimen
or trying to truly observe something as seemingly simple as a blueberry, I find myself mesmerized by the process. My study into Botancial art has led me to the work of an artist named Rory McEwen. His work is fascinating. Much of his work is done on vellum. Many paintings are a simple leaf
or flower placed on an oversized piece of vellum.
Every detail is captured and preserved. I find it so engrossing to just observe both the simplicity of the composition while seeing the magnitude of the detail. His use of vellum is extraordinary. Botanical work is for detail enthusiasts. There is no denying it. His book " The Colours of Reality' is wonderful if you are able to find a copy. Although I loved the paintings and the essays, I spent the most time on the end pages as I read through his work diary entries. He carefully dated each entry and noted his hours of work on each of the subjects he was painting.
I marveled at his routine. I applauded his discipline. I was stunned at how quickly some paintings were created while others took him so much longer and notes were added if he went back to rework them. So much is captured on that paper just by observing his routine! Back in self-reflection mode, I wonder at my own routine. Rory's journal entries are from 1981 and 1982. It was a time before instagram and facebook. Pretty sure he didn't have a cell phone sending push notifications. I notice that he gets interrupted in his work as he takes time out for travel, packing up his studio, cleaning his studio and photographing. I can relate to that. Just two end pages in the book but I feel as if I know something about his routine by reading his careful notes. As I reflect on my work routine, lately it is more gaps and interruptions than work. Something is out of order in my routine and needs to be put back in order. I think the journal entries are a great idea so I can get a snap shot of how my time is spent. Reading through the book, has brought more questions to my mind than answers but the time to question things is a welcome time for me. It's so funny what can be hiding unexpectedly in the pages of a book! Looking foward to trying the work diary entries to see what I can discover about myself. I will keep you posted.

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