Thursday, December 10, 2015


It's been a busy month so far. Always busy in December. This week has been particularly pensive for many of us here in St. George. We lost dear little Evan Leversage to his battle with cancer. His story can be found online. As I traveled this October and November, I was stunned that people in Columbus, Ohio and Victoria, British Columbia knew of Evan's story. He galvinized our community with his wish to celebrate Christmas early this year. St George has been touched by his story and he has left a definite impact on my thoughts this Christmas season. I put my Christmas tree up in October in honour of Evan. Back when I learned about his story earlier this year, I created an angel card called Evan's Hope.
Happy to mail one to anyone who writes to me with their address. Hoping my blog readers find time to slow down and breathe this season. It can be overwhelming and full of pressure. Do something just for you that brings you peace and joy this season.


Acornmoon said...

I came by to thank you once again for your beautiful card and taking such trouble to write the envelope. I can never bear to throw away your envelopes, they are too special.

Now I am here I have read about your loss. I am so sorry to read about Evan.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a joyous new year. Thanks once again for the card, you really should not go to such trouble, I am sure I don't deserve it! x

Heather Victoria Held said...

My pleasure dear Valerie. Your work is always an inspiration to me and I love to send you a card. Big hug to you and Merry Christmas!