Friday, October 30, 2015

Me and Strathmore

When I designed the Writing logo for Strathmore papers they were kind enough to send me one of everything in their Writing line!
What a treat! For a person with an already serious journal addiction, this was heaven!
Last week I had wonderful intentions to fill one of the blank journals with nothing but floral flourishes for my students to look through at an upcoming class called The Vintage Garden.
The class is designed around Victorian ornament that is inspired by their ornate curvilinear engravings. With our ink and pointed pens, we almost sculpt the dimensional flowers. I wanted the Strathmore paper because it is more ivory in colour and the pages are slightly heavier than my other journals. The black ink against the cream background reminded me of Toille fabric.
I thought that it would be an image rich journal for students to flip through. By page 2, my precious journal had met with a slight ink mishap! My McCaffery Black ink cap was not on quite right and the ensuing leak wiped out the edges of my new journal as well as 4 older ones!!!!!! So I have ink black edges on the journal. A few pages are less than pristine coming up, but I will continue to see what I can produce in the journal. More ornate designs coming as the curves meet lines!


Limner said...

Thank you! We are a visual society, so the more images the better. I bought pads of the Strathmore writing papers and envelopes in both sizes. They're great for embellishing with pencil, inks, and markers. And watercolors!

I shared the Strathmore displays on my blog. I'm just that pleased with the brand I've used before, during and after art school. I had no idea you were responsible for the art work. Or did I? I do recall Googling . . . No matter. Congratulations! You did a great job, and I use the pads to practice calligraphy.

This post makes me happy. Thank you.

Limner said...

P.S. I buy the Strathmore writing papers at Texas Art Supply in Houston.

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks for your comments Limner!!!! thanks for reading the blog and for the kind words! Heather

Joseph Chapman said...

Well, I liked reading about your black-edged journals on this, the Day of the Dead.

I'll pick up some Strathmore Writing paper on the way home, so you can tell them you know at least one person who bought it because of the label!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks Joseph!!!!! My black edged journals are very eerie!!!! Heather