Thursday, September 24, 2015

Progress so Far

I have been on this butterfly journey since early August. They are incredibly detailed to paint but I am finding that I love attempting the detail. I combined dry brush vellum painting techniques on this Peacock Butterfly. I was working from photographs for this subject rather than a specimen and I noticed a difference in how I could see the detail.
Much easier with an actual specimen! So much to learn and enjoying every step of the journey. Sometimes I find the vellum easy to work with and other times I need to coax it to behave. The dry brush technique is rough on the brush as well so I am taking extra care to condition it properly after using it. More soon with progress on my botanical subjects. I am looking foward to incorporating these techniques into my pen work.


Joseph Chapman said...

Very nice; I'm looking forward to seeing more!

Have you tried mounting vellum on a plywood panel like Sally Mae Joseph does in Gilding for Calligraphers? The process stretches the vellum (you wet it and then wrap it around the panel, gluing the edges in back but not the sides, so it tightens as it dries) which might make it a little less temperamental. S. M. J. uses it for a copy of Christ in Majesty from the Westminster Psalter, so she lays down a fair amount of paint and the skin looks like it behaves.

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks Joseph...I am looking foward to painting more! I love this journey. I have never tried the Sally Mae Joseph method but it looks like a wonderful idea. I have plans to try it in the future. I just ordered more vellum. I am also going to try the Kelmscott Vellum from Willam Cowley!