Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oblique VS. Straight Holder

I have been inundated with questions lately about the straight holder vs. the oblique holder. I post quite a few pictures on Instagram and many picturers display a straight holder. I love both types of pen holders and switch between the two quite often.
I encourage students to try both for the lettering and flourishing and see what they prefer. There are unique qualites for each tool and more than anything else, I believe the decision should be based on which is more comfortable in the hand of each student. Based on my own experiences, the look of my work is more slender and refined if a straight holder is used. But if I want more dramatic swells in the shades, I will use an oblique holder. My recommendation for students is to put the same type of nib in a straight and oblique holder and experiment with the shaded strokes. I have a less extreme angle on my paper when I work with a straight holder. See what you prefer and have fun experimenting with both.
In response to questions about the holders that my husband and I make, you can contact us through We make custom oblique and straight holders in exotic or hand dyed woods. I also hand paint floral style and flourished holders as well. Happy writing!


kate adderley said...

Hi Heather, once again your writing is so beautiful, and l love both styles of the pen holders, can you please tell me how much you sell them for.......kate

Heather Victoria Held said...

Hi Kate,
Thank you for the kind words. The oblique holders which are dyed or exotic woods are $70. Straight holders are &65. Hand painted floral or flourished holders are usuallly $195. Big hug, Heather

kate adderley said...

thanks heather, l will have to save my pennies, l would love one of the painted roses, but l might be to scared to use it , it is so pretty, LOL