Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23rd.....National Handwriting Day!!!!

The letters are sealed and on their way!!! A joy to write with the pen! I have attached samples from my Palomino Blackwing Journal of my normal everyday handwriting in its pure form and unaltered form.
It has mistakes. It has letters that are not perfect or uniform. Some words are less legible than others. It does not conform to any system of writing. It is written at my natural pace. It captures my thoughts with ease. I do not try to change it to make it conform to Palmer or Spencer. It is uniquely mine. Just like the sound of a voice or your fingerprint, your handwriting is uniquely yours!!! My favourite handwriting surface is a gridded journal. I am partial to the Leuchturrm1917 and the Palomino Blackwing. I am never without pen, pencil and paper. It is always with me. A constant friend. A comfort to return to. My favourite pens are pictured here.
A Viscontil Rembrandt Fountain pen, a slicci pen and a Plaisir Platinum Fountain pen. They all fit my hand well and I love to use them. Capture your thoughts, share your words with a friend, send a letter to someone who is not expecting it and preserve the love of writing. Conform to no one. Let your style be your own. It's handwriting!!! Whether you lean toward cursive or italic styles, block printing, or stick letters, be yourself and enjoy the writing you produce on the page. There is a time and a place for striving for perfect forms, for striving for perfect lettering. I am a firm believer in taking steps to improve legibility in handwriting, but I have never believed in forcing a system of writing on anyone. When I teach handwriting classes, I spend the first class with students showing them how to befriend their current writing. Find the charm in your own writing!! It is there!!!

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