Friday, October 31, 2014

Final Road Trip of the Season

Taking one more trip to beautiful British Columbia to teach my last travel workshop of the season.
Still have a local class to complete when I return but I will be able to rest from my travels and complete projects that have been put on hold. I enjoy completing flourish pieces for my workshops and had a chance to prepare a few for the Alphabeas Guild!!!!
English Roundhand and flourishes go so well together. Some of the flourishing has been influenced by European styles. The lines are a bit softer to work with. The designs are still freely flourished in true offhand style.
All work was executed with a straight holder and Bleedproof white. October has been a beautiful month! Looking foward to November.


Bev said...

We loved every moment of the weekend! Thank you so much for coming to our small guild! There definitely will be a next time.
Love from the Alphabeas Calligraphy Guild in Langley, BC!

kate adderley said...

hi heather, stunning work, also love your 'd' in the last post, keep up the great work-love it..........kate

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thank you beautiful Bev!!! Your guild was a delight.

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thank you Kate!!! I will be updating my Enchanted Letters soon and will post them here!!! Big hug,

valerie greeley said...

Enchanting and beautiful as always.