Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Evolution of A Workshop

After numerous requests to expand my Artful Flourish Workshop I am thrilled to offer The Victorian Pen.
The Victorian Pen picks up where The Artful Flourish leaves off. We put away the techniques of offhand flourishing and dive into the realm of the drawn and rendered flourish.
The class offers drawing techniques for the terrified starting with simple florals, shading techniques and gradually expanding to more complex designs! These pen drawings keep the organic qualities inherent in Offhand Flourishing but allow for pencil design and then pen rendering the final product. We launch into European influences from England, France and Italy. The colours, styles, layers and textures of the Victorian Era are explored. Love them or hate them, the Victorians left their mark in history and they had distinct art styles that are wonderful to explore. We trim off their excesses and leave room for the work to breathe. Simple supplies can be used from the humble pencil and walnut ink or be expanded to coloured pencil, watercolour, pastel and gold leaf. Designs start out as simple embellishments and work up to more ornate and complex designs. Full launch in 2015. You can contact me at for more details. Our new website is in progress! Lots coming in 2015!


Alesia Zorn said...

Very exciting! I need a transporter and a time machine so I can get all your workshops in!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks Alesia!!!!!!! More updates coming!!