Friday, July 4, 2014

Freeing the Flourish

Today, the calendar is showing me that we are one month away from the IAMPETH convention. It has been a busy year!!! I have tried to guard my time and keep up with letter writing and the sending of cards throughout the year. With this busy pace, something has clarified in my methods of writing and flourishing! I have always taught that 'hesitating is the enemy" and not to "overthink the flourish". Some days, the pen in is ny hand for minutes rather than hours and I have noticed a change in my work as I no longer have the luxury of time. The flourishes are struck more rapidly and I have found more freedom in my writing. The rapid flourishes are less controlled. They edge away from the traditional look of offhand flourishing. I notice micro evolution in my work from time to time and I will play with these flourishes and see where they lead.
Although my life and schedules these days have been on the cluttered side, losing the luxury of time has honed some focus for me. Still trying hard to guard that meditative quality of pen work whenever I pick up the pen. I can see the finish line of the convention tasks and I am grateful for the lessons learned this year.

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