Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Dear Friends!!!! A quick post today. This little piece represents lots of exploration for me. I am undertaking a huge study in Italian Hand as I prepare to teach an extended class over the summer. Italian Hand and walnut ink go hand in hand and as a result, I used it to letter this piece taking a break from my usual McCaffery Brown. The use of the walnut ink required a change in my usual line and wash technique. I also changed my trusted gilding medium to experiment with Instacoll and Miniatum Ink. Still not a fan of the Instacoll but I love the possibilities with the pointed pen and Miniatum ink. Other changes included experimenting with a porcelain rather than plastic palette, Sennelier Watercolour rather than Winsor Newton, the entire piece including the fur on the rabbit was done with a Kolinsky sable brush size 2 rather than my normal 000. All the greens were mixed rather than relying on altering Sap Green. A fun piece to play with and enjoy different techniques. I love Spring!


acornmoon said...

Happy spring Victoria. How I wish I could take your classes.

Linda ladeewolf said...

I wish I could take your classes as well, I live in Missouri and we have a woeful lack of this type of art here. I've just started doing pen and ink drawing after many many years of trying everything else and being unhappy doing it. I started with pen and ink and now am back at it. I know of no one here that teaches penmanship, so am trying to learn on my own.I've downloaded some of the books on IAMPETH, hope I got that right. I hope to learn all I can. I will be reading your blog as often as possible too.

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks for the kind words Linda and Valerie. They mean a lot to me. In the beginning, I learned and gleaned a lot from the website. We make sure that material is freely available to any who want to learn. Email anytime if I can be of any help.
Big hug to you both,

Joseph Chapman said...

Beautiful piece. The most hair-raising part of the experiment for me would have been the large brush. I remember trying out a size 3 round because someone (probably Siriol Sherlock) considered it her "small" brush. The experience was halfway between watercolor sketching and accidentally knocking the wash jar over.

Sennelier watercolors are especially nice if you manage to buy them at Sennelier on the Quai Voltaire in Paris, where the clerks all wear lab coats. Walk a little ways down the Seine and you'll find a shop where you can buy Armenian bole in kilogram jars.

Happy Easter to you and Chris!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Joseph. I would love to go the Paris to buy the Sennelier watercolours. Sounds like a magical place. A kilogram jar of Armenian Bole would be amazing! I think my little jar is 1 oz. and still has plenty in it. It has lasted for years. Great to hear from you!

acornmoon said...

Thanks for the introduction to