Thursday, August 8, 2013

Miniatum Ink

I will never depart from my love of the Victorian era. I know they overdo everything they but their romance of the whimsical and the ornate is fascinating. I still take a weekly trip to the antique shop to see if I can find a doily that needs to be resucued and repurposed. I am still known to take out the finest bone china teacup for tea in the garden for one in the afternoon. There is something so delicate and graceful about the ornamentation they choose to put on their pillowcases, china patterns and stationery. This little angel was inspired by a Victorian Scrap. I was sparked by the idea of putting the foliate work around the intial similar to my Enchanted letterforms.The initial measures 2" x 1 1/2", on vellum with Ziller Buffalo Brown Ink, Watercolour, Miniatum Ink and Pastel.
But the delight of the design is the Miniatum ink. It looks like Pepto Pink in the bottle.
Flows through a pointed pen or ruling pen beautifully. Has all the ease of use and adhesion power of my beloved Rolco with the increased shine of Instacoll. It is a delight to use but it is more expensive than the PVA based Rolco. I pay $29 for 32 oz. of Rolco. I got nearly 8 years out of my last 32 oz bottle and it was usable to the last drop. The Miniatum ink is $25.50 for 50 ml. The glow it creates with the gold is worth the extra. I will continue to experiment with this but so far, I love how it works and shines. I think will be able to create a diaper pattern effect by alternating the Rolco with the Miniatum ink. So much fun!

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