Friday, April 26, 2013

Forgotten Project!

I should clean my studio more often. I was sorting through folders today and found two pieces that I had lettered and flourished. I had applied the Rolco gilding size to the piece but had not gilded it! This piece was stuck to the back of another piece that I had also forgotten to gild. It has been sized with the Rolco for months! I believe I started this piece in January and had laid it aside with good intentions to complete. Seeing that it definitely still had tack, I applied gold leaf to it and the gold adhered instantly. Quite a testimony to the adhesion power of the Rolco Aquasize. Even though it had adhered itself to the back of another piece, when I pulled it apart (without the least bit of gentleness), it did not damage the piece it was adhered to and there was no residual paper on the Rolco. Quite miraculous. Needless to say, I stopped cleaning my studio ( I was looking for an excuse) and I completed the piece with watercolour pencil, Finetec Gold, Sakura Gelly Roll Pen and the Hot Foil Pen. The paper is Stonehenge.


nutcake said...

Hi Heather

Good grief! You were lucky with the adhesive! The piece is very delicate and pretty. Glad you rescued it.


Heather Victoria Held said...

Very lucky! Thanks Hazel!

Jane Farr said...

A great story! Cleaning one's studio always yields happy surprises and whets the creative appetite, I think. Your piece is elegant - a showcase of elements that demonstrate the uniqueness of your work.

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thank you Jane!