Monday, November 19, 2012

Beautiful Penmanship

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of teaching my first class in Handwriting to eager adults at a local stationery and fountain pen store. The class was filled to capacity with professionals who wanted to improve their handwriting for their day to day tasks! We will be having follow up classes in the new year. Preparation for the class had me diving into my penmanship archives. Just seeing the beauty of ornamental penmanship has ignited my passion to practice these historic letterforms. I wanted to share a few treasures from my archives. Enjoy!


Joseph Chapman said...

A nice set of exemplars--the black one looked like Madarász at first.

Are you teaching Ameri... er... Canadian Cursive? With a textbook or your own handouts?

Heather Victoria Held said...

Hi Joseph,
I wish I knew who did the black exemplar!

I am teaching Cursive writing with my own set of handouts but I am also gleaning from Mills' business writing exemplars and Zaner Bloser's arm movement exercises.

Joseph Chapman said...

Well, maybe the black exemplar is Madarász. The unlooped descenders are very characteristic, the 's' looks like one of his, the first bowl of his 'w' is often wider than the second, and the odd shading in the first 'l' in 'rolling' is something he did (even if the shade in this piece is a little clunky). You also see tall 't's mixed with shorter ones before 'h'.

The one puzzling thing is the business 'r', which I don't remember ever seeing in his work.

Heather Victoria Held said...

It certainly does have some Madarasz characteristics. The rhythm of the writing seems like Madarasz. I would love to make the claim that it is his!