Sunday, February 20, 2011

Additional A's!

I had to realize that I would continually get more ideas for these letters! I had so much fun with the more Victorian form of the letter C, that I went back and tried additional styles of A. This is going to be one big alphabet project if I keep this up! The first image is done with watercolour over a pastel background. The gold is raised gilding using homemade gesso. It is 5 x 2 1/2 " on 140 lb. Arches HP paper.

The second image is flat gilded using Rolco gold size. The ribbon style initial is painted with French Ultramarine blue toned down with some Paynes Grey. I integrated a watercolour background wash with pastels. Still at the experimental stage. It is 3 1/2 x 2 1/2" on Arches HP paper.


Dana said...

How could you choose a favorite! I love them all!

I really love your Victorian styles.

The effect you got with the pastels is fabulous!

Can't wait to see more.


Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks Dana!!! More coming soon. Our D's are due this week!

Jane Farr said...

They are both lovely! You are so very talented Heather!!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Thanks Jane!!!