Monday, May 3, 2010

Corner Flourishing

Trying to catch up on correspondence over the weekend. I owe two to my dear friend Joe and had fun working on his envelopes. He always finds the best vintage stamps to use and sends me Spencerian Script written on vintage paper. Receiving a piece of work from him is like going back in time! I tried to make the piece done with the Indigo McCaffery's ink to look very subtle and aged. It did not scan well. The burgundy piece is done on my new Crown Mill Stationery from Belgium. Lovely envelopes that even take a light watercolour wash.


Dana Cochran said...

What a treat to receive in the mail!! I know Joe will love them both. Working on Crown Mill is delightful.
Beautiful work.

Heather Victoria Held said...

I am addicted to this Crown Mill stationery. It is wonderful!

Jane Farr said...

Swoon! Both pieces are beautiful. I see you're incorporating your pointed uncial, and it's lovely. I've not heard of Crown Mill, but with your lettering and ornamental penwork, it is gorgeous!!