Sunday, April 4, 2010

Testing Arches Text Wove Paper

My dear friend Dana sent me a beautiful hand bound book from Molly West Handbound books
for my birthday. It is an absolute treasure and I have been stumped for finding a piece to use as the first page. This evening I came home and worked on a piece of Arches Text wove for the very first time. I was working with McCaffery's brown ink and I loved the semi- rough surface of the paper. In spots the text wove seemed to resist the ink and I really liked the sketch- like effect that I was getting on the paper. I also enjoyed using some light pencil strokes to add some shading to this piece. This was the result from 1:00 am until 2:09 am this morning! Just the look of the McCaffery's brown on the text wove reminded me of the work of my hero Daniel T. Ames in the Ames Compendium. It was a very fun piece to work on and I think I will use it as the first page in this beautiful handbound book.


Jane Farr said...

A stunning first page for your special book. Beautiful! I love the "V" - wow!! :-)

Dana Cochran said...

Heather, this is absolutely phenomenal! I love the lettering and illustration. I, too, like working on Arches Text.
What a beautiful, first page, for your book.
xo ~ Dana

Heather Victoria Held said...

Many thanks Dana and Jane. I really enjoyed the Text Wove. It is difficult ti find in Canada though.