Friday, March 19, 2010

3 Dot Flowers

It's been a long time since I did these little watercolour petal flowers. They are such a quick and fun little decoration to add to an envelope. It must be Spring, I am craving pinks and greens! These were painted with Opera Rose and Perylene Green.


Joe Carbone, junior penman 3rd class said...

I'm accessing this from my iPhone( of course) and it looks quite beautiful and delicate. I want to take a real look at it when I get home.

Catherine said...

These are lovely!

Jane Farr said...

Beautiful flowers Heather! Happy Spring!!

Dana Cochran said...

Precious spring flowers.
So sweet.
xo ~ Dana

carole said...

This so lovely, and a great study piece--looks like something I might actually be able to do! Can't wait to try.
Carole Johnson