Friday, August 21, 2009

Illumination Class Retrospective

Always sad to finish a week of instruction and come home to the daunting task of unpacking. After 30 hours of painting time this week, I was hoping to have more to show. I have two miniatures I would like to complete before morning and then back into my regular routine of pointed pen work. It was a great little diversion this week. I love the world of colour but the brush seems less responsive to me than the pointed pen. I hope to be able to keep practicing these illumination techniques before our next class date in October.

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Dana Cochran said...

Heather, this all looks amazing! I wish I could see it closer...especially the letter T in the back!!
I know how that feels, to come back from a workshop. It is SO hard to get back in the groove.
It looks like you got a lot out of this one!!